is the most recent body of sculptural work by Adena Griffith. Adena is an artist from Westerville, Ohio who has been working in clay for over 15 years. The inspiration for this exhibition of 20+ figures at Blockfort Gallery comes from her battle with depression and anxiety. Each sculpture is a narrative from moments of dealing with the beginning depresson and into her postpartum depression and anxiety over the last couple of years.

Adena uses the female form and symbols from nature to express times when the battle of the mind and heart seem to never cease. Her hope is to let her viewers know they are not alone in the struggle, that everyone has those dark moments but we need to stay alive.

There will be an opening reception on Friday, August 10, from 6:00pm-9:00pm .
The exhibition will be on view until August 29.


Come play! In September, Blockfort is hosting BHoles, an artist-created miniature golf course. Guests are invited to play through 18 holes of wacky and weird fun. Get your pencil and scorecard, grab some refreshments at the entry stand and travel through this indoor installation.

This event is family friendly and every purchase of a round benefits the artists that help create the course.

PRICE: Adult - $10 Child - $5 (10 and under)
COURSE TIMES: September 14 + 21 5-10pm September 15, 16, 22, + 23 noon-6pm

An art show glorifying the haunted hollows of the forest, the quiet, resilient inhabitants of forgotten thickets, and the bones and fur left behind by those that feed the forest floor.

Something in the Woods invites artists to explore imagery of arcane forests and their ancient residents living and dead. This panoply of woodland reverence may feature allegory, symbolism, as well as direct scientific illustration. It may call to mind the experience of finding an unknown beetle or larvae under a massive stone by a stream. The hallowed scene of a raccoon skull resting undisturbed on a moss altar. The ghostly silence broken by hooves on leaves and antlers scraping bark on trees. Hundreds of mushrooms dotting the forest floor and rotting logs. The chatter and whistling of squirrels and birds in the canopy above. Step into the esoteric beauty of the deep and unfamiliar places of the world and marvel at the stories and creatures within.

Exhibition curated by Logan Schmitt.


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